The Farm Bill, the Produce Rule, and Illiana Ag Alliance

The Four Hour Workday….  I have published elsewhere about my being referred to this book (thanks L.A.). I listened to the YouTube audio a few times, learning and forgetting to listen equally. The truth is that the lessons I gleaned may or may not have been those intended. Patience and…well, that is about all I … Continue reading

Seed & Starts Campaign

Well, it’s about the time to plan for next season for some. Personally, I’ve not ended in planning. Illiana Ag Alliance is a constant evolve-and-adapt, dependent on Mother Nature, time resources, and reaching the correct people. Add in tying that together into a business plan and/or a plan of action…and it keeps evolving. One step, … Continue reading

More Information….

Today, National Small Business’ Shop Local Day, some of the new readers of this blog may have received a complimentary flashlight pointing to this blog. As a forewarning, this blog has been sorely neglected and lacks much of the necessary content to bring full understanding. Illiana Ag Alliance is a Food Hub. One may check … Continue reading