Colorful Carrots

It is almost Indiana sweet corn and cantaloupe time! Watermelon from under an hour’s drive are on target for before the 4th of July, too! The organic garden is doing great, and my daughters beans have come up nicely. Local food will be here in my refrigerator pretty soon.

The active selling of local produce is my wife’s gig this year. I have purchased the new-to-me Dodge Ram 3/4 ton with one-ton overloads for her. It’s still my truck if she’s not using it for local food. The new 10’x30′ canopy with side walls and windows are here. We have tables…. A start- it is what she wants.

I almost purchased a portable a/c, but that fell through. Looking at some fans that blow mist…. I realized after I received the great deal on the tent that it will not fit in the front yard or over the driveway! That could cause problems with her stay at home mom type situation. I have some ideas for that that could be really great , or I may end up doing some tent modification.

Need to look into what regulations are for selling eggs in a refrigerator that has temperature control- if they are never really my eggs. I think I would be correct to assume that if I am NOT selling the eggs, but providing the location to do so, we may set up and sell our goods together??? If so, maybe not the most permanent solution, but maybe something that can work hand in hand with the farmers market for those other 6 days of the week that produce is harvested? Maybe somewhere for people to meet and barter? Either way, I have purchased it, and it will be available.

I guess it’s less than a month now until a decision is made on the local level how to handle direct sales of baked / processed goods. I really hope that goes well.

Oh, and to the title. I have purchased a pretty good quantity off a five-colored carrot mix. Everything is doing so well and I’ve been able to keep everything organic and natural, so to me it only makes sense. If I plant carrots in the area of my backyard that I know only grows weeds, maybe that would be somewhere to start with the local school. I think that if they do well enough, or look like they should, that might be a good time to make an approach with a bid??? 

This may not be the most organized blog I’ve ever written. That would be because I am trying a quick press on my phone for the first time. Let’s see how it works!


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