Virtual Regional Hub Providing Local Supply and Markets For All?

Something that I’ve been working toward, somewhat behind the scenes as of late, is coming back around to the forefront. It’s hardly a novel idea, yet the innovation surely seemed novel in the early, less researched stages.
I do not take credit for the idea–by the time it passed between my ears it had already been implemented in many areas of the nation. However, this could be something novel and great for us, here and now.
The idea is a variation on my first business plan of the year. That plan was basically a Centralized Regional Food Hub with Satellite Local Food Hubs, coordinating to meet supply and demand needs while keeping foods as locally as possible. The evolution is in the idea of multiple Local Food Hubs, Farmers Markets, Farmers, Grocers, Restaurateurs, Schools, Institutions, Wholesale Buyers and Sellers, and more to be able to access the same online resource, yet specific for each user profile. The added benefits are too numerous to list as of now.
I have struggled with how to prevent harm to direct-to-consumer sales (through venues such as Farmers Markets, On-Farm Sales, etc). I have a pretty good idea regarding how to best accomplish this, and it is incorporated into the Virtual Hub. In addition, I’ve been striving to use the research that I have conducted, day-in and day-out, in a manner that increases profitability for farmers, keeps local foods as local as possible, reduce losses and field waste…and turn those combined works into lower-cost local foods for schools and other wholesale buyers. That, also, is incorporated into the idea.
I am in the early stages of working with a group that can put such a resource together. The group is experienced and recommended–in fact, I received the first recommendation about six months ago through a user of the service provider.
The online resource virtually automates the local levels’ time and labor resources without taking a bit of personal choice away. In addition, this resource can make the coordination of planning, planting, harvesting, marketing, ordering, logistics, sales, and accounting such a streamlined process that it will add true value to a multitude of regionally-located local food chains! (My “regional” is within most definitions of “local”).
Needless to say, I am extremely excited about the possibility of such a beneficial forward movement. Much conversation, both on the design side and with local producers, still remains to be addressed. There must be more time spent pursuing this opportunity for our area, yet all signs point toward boundless possibilities!!!


One thought on “Virtual Regional Hub Providing Local Supply and Markets For All?

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