National Food Hub Survey Results Are In!

This is an excerpt from the main page of CRFS (Michigan State University) and the Wallace Center at Winrock International:

“Food hubs are businesses or organizations that manage the aggregation, distribution and marketing of source-identified food products. In early 2013, CRFS and the Wallace Center at Winrock International conducted the National Food Hub Survey to identify economic growth trends for food hubs across the nation and monitor changes in services offered and the variety of customers served.

Researchers also sought to:

Help shape national understanding of food hubs and informing future policy and program initiatives
Gain greater exposure for food hubs nationally
Inform new potential relationships between food hubs and investors, grant makers and other food hubs looking to find success.
The recent survey results from more than 100 food hubs demonstrate that hubs throughout the United States continue to develop as financially viable businesses providing locally produced food to restaurants, schools, grocery stores and other wholesale customers. Food hubs may also provide much needed size-appropriate infrastructure and marketing opportunities for local food produced by small and midsized farms and ranches.”

I will read up on the specific results, attend tomorrow’s webinar, and update with more specific information posthaste.


One thought on “National Food Hub Survey Results Are In!

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