501(c)3 Public Charity…Here We Come! @F2SMonth #FarmtoSchool

501(c)3 Public Charity…Here We Come! @F2SMonth #FarmtoSchool

Have you ever had one of those “I’ve gotta Press this” moments? Well, I’m smack dab in the middle of one! I’ve spent the last couple of months doing some truly grassroots reaching out…my front yard has been a non-stop, honesty-based, fresh local produce stand. In the beginning, I was working elsewhere part-time. At that … Continue reading


We Have Our School Garden! (And So Much More is Coming!)

Okay, maybe we are building our School Garden. And, I must confess, I am using the term “we” loosely here. I will be meeting tomorrow with the person who is ultimately responsible for rebuilding and re-establishing a profitable school greenhouse. Here are the facts: Martinsville High School has hired a new Ag teacher, Mr. Brian … Continue reading

Unintended Research & Support

Research:  I read somewhere that some people will drive up to 50 miles for fresh local food. In fact, I tried to convince a neighboring effort to drop their grand vision of a downtown location in the urban area in favor of a lower-cost, off the beaten path storefront. Well, people are driving from their … Continue reading

Who Says You Can’t Go Home?

Well, I have shifted to part-time as Process Control Engineer at Rowe Foundry. Apparently, this is a pretty unprecedented option I was given. I have referred to the foundry as being Christian and having Christian values before, but I truly get to experience it first hand now. And the security combined with opportunity for the … Continue reading

Colorful Carrots

It is almost Indiana sweet corn and cantaloupe time! Watermelon from under an hour’s drive are on target for before the 4th of July, too! The organic garden is doing great, and my daughters beans have come up nicely. Local food will be here in my refrigerator pretty soon.